Stacy Keibler marries boyfriend Jared Pobre, is rumored to be pregnant.

Stacy texts George Clooney: “Hey, did you hear my exciting news? :)” George responds, seconds later: “Yes! Congrats! So happy for you!”

Stacy e-mails a screenshot of this exchange to her best friend (subject line: “Seriously?! what IS this!??!”).

An hour later, she texts George again: “you know i’m PREGNANT too, right??!” George responds, seconds later: “Yes! I saw in page six. Wonderful, Stacy! Really. You’ll be a fantastic mother.”

Three hours later, Stacy texts him again: “Is that really ALL you have to say? WONDERFUL?!?!?!?” George responds, seconds later: “Stacy, I hope you haven’t stopped doing yoga. Have you?”

Stacy throws her phone into the wall, inadvertently knocking over a lamp.