06 janvier 2013

George Clooney No Tequila No Party

http://people.plurielles.fr/news-people/george-clooney-sur-la-route-de-la-tequila-7752748-402.html   http://www.nypost.com/p/pagesix/clooney_tequila_team_uSFfFp4a3Gn6tea9K2uc5O
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13 décembre 2012

Casamigos la Téquila de George Clooney et de Rande Gerber à boire à la maison entre amis

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12 octobre 2012

George Clooney déjeune avec Rande Gerber au Bouchon

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23 août 2012

George Clooney en Corse

EXCLUSIVE!!! WAKACJE NA WAKACJACH KORSYKA MOTOR MOTOCYKL EXCLUSIVE/DO NOT CREDIT/CPE/August 21,2012 Corsica (FR) The FAMOUS american actor (please) GEORGE CLOONEY spending holidays in CORSICA !!! Amazing ! He making tour of Corsica on his Harley Davidson ! The ride continues up to the Col de Palmarella from where you get a stunning view out over the sea. With scented Corsican scrub on one side and cliffs on the other, you pass through charming villages, each with cafE terraces inviting you to drink and rest. You soon spot Porto, an... [Lire la suite]
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20 août 2012

George Clooney et Rande Gerber

Ils font quoi à Laglio ben comme d'hab un tour en boat   http://www.aflo.com/index.asp?goto=%2Fsys%2Fcommon%2Fpowersearch.asp&PageNum=2&target=entertain&catename=George+Clooney&stype_key=%28Clooney[*]George%29&cid=106504&cateno=16504&step=&search_type=Category   Merci Mariu pour ce lien http://oncelebrity.com/celebs-candits/stacy-keibler-george-clooney-having-a-party-on-lake-como-aug/
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16 mars 2012

Hic ! Casamigos servit par Clooney ?

Si c'est le cas on fera un petit effort, juste 1 fond de verre, pas 2 ni 3, sinon bonjour les dégats  parce que ce ne sera pas du jus de fruit mais de la téquila.....   George Clooney is teaming up with supermodel Cindy Crawford's restaurateur husband Rande Gerber to serve up a new tequila line. Clooney and the nightlife impresario have joined forces to make their favourite off-the-market tipple more accessible to fans. The pair has opted to name the product Casamigos, and Gerber insists he and his new business partner... [Lire la suite]
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