July 20 was the anniversary of the moon landing. Buzz Aldrin on the left was the 2nd man down the ladder. George Clooney on the right was watching him through a telescope. I have been a long time collaborator with Omega and their creative director Mr.Dario Nucci from the Alpha Studio. It's only now dawning on me how lucky I was to direct this very special short film. Some elegant cinematography by my friend Haris Zambarloukas as well. Don't you think flying to the moon and walking on it is still really freakin amazing? I do. I'll put a link in the comments below. Or just write Starmen into YouTube with Clooney Aldrin and you'll find it. @omega @hungrymanlondon @dariornucci @jackcontraband @zambagram @jpp2512 @sandgilles #space #georgeclooney #buzzaldrin #omega #omegaspeedmaster #moonwatch #starmen

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